In My Cart: Stuff I Probably Won’t Buy (Yet)

Every now and then, I publish a few of the items lurking in my online shopping carts, waiting for me to be harebrained or flush with enough cash to pull the trigger. Generally, these things sit for a looooong time before they get purchased, especially as I am on a low-buy right now.

Store: Sephora

Sephora Favorites Quench Your Skin Set, $56 CAD


I’m obsessed with skin care right now, particularly moisturizers as the dry weather + heating on indoors is hell on my atopic, dry and sensitive skin. However! This set feels a bit steep in price for what amounts to a large pile of 100-point Beauty Insider Perks. I nearly got this lil’ guy when the “double points for skincare” promo was on but I think waiting was the right call. Despite several in-store visits last time I was in Toronto I haven’t seen this set in Canadian Sephora stores at all.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette, $75 CAD


This blush palette has been calling my name since it launched. I love the look of these blushes and have swatched all of them a million times, frozen with indecision. THEY ARE ALL SO PRETTY. The palette’s not cheap by any means but certainly cheaper to buy the set of 3 than to buy them for $45 each. This is what I tell myself anyway. SIGH.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Grège 1947, $43 CAD


This lipstick is just too dang expensive. Much like a few others I’m lusting after, it’s a very basic color that I could probably easily dupe. I am not spending this much on a lipstick, maybe ever. Second runner up goes to Evan in the Tom Ford Lips & Boys line.

Store: Beautylish

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, $78 CAD


This is a loose face powder that promises HYDRATION, guys. That’s nuts, and as a dry skin sufferer, I feel compelled to try it, as setting powder is a necessary (and often drying) evil. HOWEVER. This powder is ridiculously expensive. And who is to say that a hyaluronic acid treatment in powder form is even effective? I’d much rather get a good HA-infused mask or cream where it’s more directly absorbing, right? Right? I dunno. Still want it. Going to resist, though.

Lit Cosmetics Water Resistant Glitter Base, $33 CAD


This one just feels silly considering the price for a very tiny amount of product (1 FL oz). I don’t actually wear glitter enough to justify the purchase, although the Sparkle Unicorn part of myself insists that if I DID buy it, I would wear more glitter and thus justify the purchase. Anyway I have a tube of Sephora brand glitter glue to finish up, which definitely doesn’t do the job as well as I’d like, but I want to use it up and move on.

Store: Nordstrom

OOHLALA Beauty Aurore Jumbo Cosmetics Pouch, $38 CAD


This pouch is insanely cute and even though I don’t really need it, I need it, you dig? It really represents my gender identity (“kitsch femme”?) better than a label could. I have a real problem with wanting something cute, pastel and girly then talking myself out of it because I am a grown 34 year old woman.

HANAHZO Mendl’s Pink Soap, $19.20 CAD


This soap is $20. That is some Lush-style bullshit. I mean, would it look SO GOOD in a guest bathroom? Would I feel like the coolest person with this soap? For sure it would, and I would. But that soap is way too expensive. Calm down on the soap price, everyone. No matter how cute it is. Like, decorative soaps are a path to heartbreak no matter what. If someone uses them, it is a BETRAYAL of your trust as a host/ess with nice soaps that are to look at and not use. If no one uses them, it is also a betrayal (of the soap’s true purpose).

Brand: TooFaced

La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Unicorn Tears, $26 CAD


I’ve got a big heart-on for anything iridescent these days, and boy is this lipstick unique. That said, where exactly am I wearing this, in my mind? A rave in 1998? A My Little Pony convention? Most likely, like all my other “weird” lipsticks, just around the house until my wife makes fun of me for looking like I blew a forest sprite. Still…pretttttty. Luckily enough it’s been sold out or not available in-stores for ages, so the impulse buy becomes increasingly unlikely.

Brand: Zoeva

MAKEUP ARTIST ZOE BAG: Rose Golden Vol. 3, $350 CAD


After buying a couple of single brushes I am OBSESSED with this brand, particularly this rose gold set. Will I ever shell out this much money at once for brushes? I highly doubt it. But a gal can dream, right?




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