Welcome! A Bit About Me

I have some complicated-ass feelings about makeup and I will try to be honest about them.

My love of novelty abounds when it comes to trying different products.

I have very sensitive, dry, atopic skin which is fussy about ingredients.

My skin is best classified as Fair-Neutral leaning warmer with sun exposure.

I have a YouTube channel

I write about beauty products on a freelance basis and often receive PR samples, which I will always disclose.

I presently do not use affiliate links, but if I do in the future I will always disclose that information.

I am critical of many elements of the beauty industry, particularly regarding its disregard for the cosmetic needs of people of color, as well as unethical practices within the industry and marketing thereof. I know that’s a bit heavy but so am I.

I value my critical thinking abilities but am always open to corrections.