In My Cart: Stuff I Probably Won’t Buy (Yet)

Every now and then, I publish a few of the items lurking in my online shopping carts, waiting for me to be harebrained or flush with enough cash to pull the trigger. Generally, these things sit for a looooong time before they get purchased, especially as I am on a low-buy right now.

Store: Sephora

Sephora Favorites Quench Your Skin Set, $56 CAD


I’m obsessed with skin care right now, particularly moisturizers as the dry weather + heating on indoors is hell on my atopic, dry and sensitive skin. However! This set feels a bit steep in price for what amounts to a large pile of 100-point Beauty Insider Perks. I nearly got this lil’ guy when the “double points for skincare” promo was on but I think waiting was the right call. Despite several in-store visits last time I was in Toronto I haven’t seen this set in Canadian Sephora stores at all.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette, $75 CAD


This blush palette has been calling my name since it launched. I love the look of these blushes and have swatched all of them a million times, frozen with indecision. THEY ARE ALL SO PRETTY. The palette’s not cheap by any means but certainly cheaper to buy the set of 3 than to buy them for $45 each. This is what I tell myself anyway. SIGH.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Grège 1947, $43 CAD


This lipstick is just too dang expensive. Much like a few others I’m lusting after, it’s a very basic color that I could probably easily dupe. I am not spending this much on a lipstick, maybe ever. Second runner up goes to Evan in the Tom Ford Lips & Boys line.

Store: Beautylish

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, $78 CAD


This is a loose face powder that promises HYDRATION, guys. That’s nuts, and as a dry skin sufferer, I feel compelled to try it, as setting powder is a necessary (and often drying) evil. HOWEVER. This powder is ridiculously expensive. And who is to say that a hyaluronic acid treatment in powder form is even effective? I’d much rather get a good HA-infused mask or cream where it’s more directly absorbing, right? Right? I dunno. Still want it. Going to resist, though.

Lit Cosmetics Water Resistant Glitter Base, $33 CAD


This one just feels silly considering the price for a very tiny amount of product (1 FL oz). I don’t actually wear glitter enough to justify the purchase, although the Sparkle Unicorn part of myself insists that if I DID buy it, I would wear more glitter and thus justify the purchase. Anyway I have a tube of Sephora brand glitter glue to finish up, which definitely doesn’t do the job as well as I’d like, but I want to use it up and move on.

Store: Nordstrom

OOHLALA Beauty Aurore Jumbo Cosmetics Pouch, $38 CAD


This pouch is insanely cute and even though I don’t really need it, I need it, you dig? It really represents my gender identity (“kitsch femme”?) better than a label could. I have a real problem with wanting something cute, pastel and girly then talking myself out of it because I am a grown 34 year old woman.

HANAHZO Mendl’s Pink Soap, $19.20 CAD


This soap is $20. That is some Lush-style bullshit. I mean, would it look SO GOOD in a guest bathroom? Would I feel like the coolest person with this soap? For sure it would, and I would. But that soap is way too expensive. Calm down on the soap price, everyone. No matter how cute it is. Like, decorative soaps are a path to heartbreak no matter what. If someone uses them, it is a BETRAYAL of your trust as a host/ess with nice soaps that are to look at and not use. If no one uses them, it is also a betrayal (of the soap’s true purpose).

Brand: TooFaced

La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Unicorn Tears, $26 CAD


I’ve got a big heart-on for anything iridescent these days, and boy is this lipstick unique. That said, where exactly am I wearing this, in my mind? A rave in 1998? A My Little Pony convention? Most likely, like all my other “weird” lipsticks, just around the house until my wife makes fun of me for looking like I blew a forest sprite. Still…pretttttty. Luckily enough it’s been sold out or not available in-stores for ages, so the impulse buy becomes increasingly unlikely.

Brand: Zoeva

MAKEUP ARTIST ZOE BAG: Rose Golden Vol. 3, $350 CAD


After buying a couple of single brushes I am OBSESSED with this brand, particularly this rose gold set. Will I ever shell out this much money at once for brushes? I highly doubt it. But a gal can dream, right?




Beauty Products I’m Lusting After

I am ALWAYS creeping on some beauty product or another, and back when I was working at my day job, I could justify a lil’ spending spree online or at Sephora or MAC pretty quickly. The pain of sitting at a desk could only be soothed by a little retail therapy.

Nowadays, I’m lucky to be able to buy a new lip balm, so I either have to a) wait for beauty events that I can cover for this here blog and/or She Does The City (where I also write, dontcha know?) or b) get a tiny sample and milk it forever or c) cry and look at pictures of the pretty pretty stuff on the internet that I can’t afford.

So here’s a roundup of everything I’m obsessed with right now. The longer I am unemployed, the more of these you will likely see!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moonchild


Hoooooo-boy. Did you see this? Are you kidding me?! I love love love my Glow Kit in Gleam, and was praying for a new one to come out that spanned across the blue-lavender-silver spectrum. And here it is….LIMITED EDITION and of course I am crying hysterically because I really can’t get it. Wait a few months and these bad boys are going to be like $100 on eBay.

Green and Blue Lipsticks – Various


KALE – Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Summer Collection


TIME – Urban Decay – Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection


JUNKIE and HEROINE – Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Ok, I know…these shades make me look full bananas. AND I already have a few “unconventional” shades that I never wear. BUT! These are so, so freaking pretty I just can’t help but swatch them every time I get the chance. LOVERLY. I want to look like an algae-encrusted swamp witch and that is what feminism is all about!

Green/Herbal Perfumes


Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca – by Guerlain


Verde – by NEST fragrances

Summer perfumes to me are usually kind of fruity, or the kind of heavy, intoxicating florals that linger on the air. This summer, my two most lusted after perfumes are ones that smell green and fresh, like a freshly cut bunch of herbs.